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Rafael Castro Montes de Oca Arquitectos (RCMdO) is an 8(a) & HUBZone certified and full-service design practice that is dedicated to the development of urban design, architecture, interior architecture, project management and logistics support. Its founder, Rafael Castro Montes de Oca, AIA,LEED-AP, has more than 20 years of experience in the design, development, and administration of small and large projects on the public and private sector. His professional experience includes designing and participating in projects of great social importance in the Caribbean Region as well as serving as the Design Industry’s representative during the past 10 years through his leadership in Puerto Rico’s Architect’s and Landscape Architect’s Guild.


After several years considering the idea of selling to the Federal Government, Architect Rafael Castro and his Development Manager Isabel García-Luengo came to the Federal Contracting Center, a Procurement Technical Assistance Center in October 2016. After the initial counseling sessions, trainings and completion of the basic registrations, FeCC staff helped them applied for the 8a Business Development Program and HUBZone Certification. The firm was successful in both applications receiving the HUBZone certification in January 2017 and the 8(a) certification in July.


RCMDO has been following the roadmap develop by FeCC. They have been formally trained in how to do business with the Federal Government and have been in continuous contact with FeCC counselors for technical assistance and guidance. The firm’s commitment since day one has been uncompromisingly devoted to succeed in this market. RCMdO is gaining experience, it’s leadership is starting to meet with Small Business Specialists, procurement personnel, and Program Managers from targeted federal agencies to develop the right relationships. These meetings have produced several opportunities to respond to RFP’s for services in Puerto Rico for which RCMdO is perfectly positioned to provide.


Understanding the importance of building a track record in the federal market, the firm started pursuing small jobs with local federal agencies. In 2018 they competed and won $238,772 in contracts with the Department of Homeland Security. According to Architect Castro, these contracts are the launching pad that is schooling him in how to do business with the Federal Government and the discipline required to be successful in this market.

S. R. Special Police

S. R. Special Police is a small disadvantaged business that provides security solutions and security guards services in Puerto Rico. The business was established in 2012 by its President, Mr. Eli Serrano. In September 2016 Josué Colón, Manager, visited the FeCC for the first time to receive assistance and orientation about federal business opportunities. During several counseling sessions Barbara Rivera, FeCC Counselor, guided and assisted Mr. Colón in federal contracting fundamentals, completing federal registrations such as DUNS, SAM and DSBS, discussing socioeconomic categories and SBA certification programs and identifying opportunities using FBO, FPDS searches and through direct marketing approaches. He immediately showed great enthusiasm and interest in the federal market and participated in several training events hosted and presented by the FeCC about federal contracting matters.


In 2017, after Puerto Rico was impacted by Hurricanes Irma and Maria the business management team dedicated themselves to explore new business opportunities with the federal government. They were invited by the FeCC Counselor to participate in the pre-proposal meeting and solicitation to provide Armed Security Guards services for Puerto Rico posted by FEMA. This opportunity seemed to be too ambitious and out of their business range. However, because they were properly registered and actively looking for opportunities, few months later they were approached by the USACE to provide security services at the port of Ponce, municipality on the south of the Island (Solicitation W911WN18R3002). Considering this opportunity was more aligned in terms of size to their capability they decided to present an offer to a federal agency for the first time. In November 2017 the company was awarded a contract for the total amount of $87,210 to provide 24/7 security guard services. 


In December 2017 Eli Serrano and Ivonne Nieves met with FeCC Counselor to receive technical support to comply with on the contract’s requirements, the Contractor Manpower report. After discussing and assisting the client with its request FeCC Counselor directed some specific questions about the performance and administration of the contract. FeCC Counselor found out the contractor did not consider the Wage Determination clause appropriately. Immediately, FeCC Counselor provided specialized guidance on how to apply and use the clause correctly to calculate total labor costs. FeCC Counselor also provided recommendations on how to approach and resolve this situation with the Contracting Officer. The contract was modified to incorporate all required labor costs and the contract has been successfully extended for an additional term.

NV Services LLC

NV Services, LLC is a woman owned small disadvantaged general contractor that was established by its Principal Eng. Neyssa Varela to provide construction, project management, remodeling, flooring, roofing and alteration of properties services in Puerto Rico.


Neyssa has always been influenced by her father, Eng. xxx Varela, who used to have a successful construction firm for xx years. Being raised and educated by an active entrepreneur and engineer was crucial to define her career and passion. After spending xx years working and developing her career at the family business, when the economic crisis hit Puerto Rico, her father decided to cease operations. Shortly after, Neyssa decided to start her own firm to leverage her industry contacts, knowledge and managerial experience. Supported by her husband and business partner, she started her own business in xxx and dedicated herself to develop and grow the business. In 2016 Neyssa was named President of the Association of General Contractors, Puerto Rico Chapter, making her the first woman to lead this organization on the Island.


As an active industry stakeholder, Neyssa shortly became familiar and interested in the federal business opportunities. The Federal Contracting Center started working actively with the AGC providing training sessions and one-on-one counseling to general contractors. Neyssa, indeed, was one of them. Characterized for being a determined woman business owner and a strategic entrepreneur, she started working closely with Bárbara Rivera, FeCC/PTAC Counselor. From the beginning Bárbara Rivera assisted Neyssa in providing specialized counseling sessions about federal opportunities, SBA certifications, market trends & research, marketing efforts & strategies, teaming agreements, regulations, and worked on the business SAM/DSBS registrations, among many others. The FeCC/Counselor worked thoroughly with Neyssa to complete the EDWOSB self-certification and the 8(a) Business Development Program certification.


In March 2017, for its third consecutive year, the Federal Contracting Center/PTAC hosted the event Women in Contracting where Neyssa, along with other participants, had the opportunity to participate and meet with Contracting Officers from GSA, VA and the Puerto Rico ARMY National Guard (PRANG) to explore business opportunities and present their business capabilities. This event set the grounds to the Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) set aside Solicitation W912LR-17-B-0001 for Plant/Utilities Building Construction. FeCC/PTAC Counselor identified the opportunity and provided Neyssa with all the necessary information for her to present a competitive proposal. When the sealed bids were opened NV Services LLC resulted as the second lowest bidder. However, thanks to the FeCC/PTAC Counselor knowledge and expertise Neyssa was able to determine that the apparent winner was not a woman owned small business concern, therefore, it did not qualify for the award. Thus, in October 2017 NV Services LLC was awarded its first federal contract for the total amount of $1,479,820.00.
Also, on December 27, 2017 got certified as an SBA 8(a) Business Development Program Participant.

Martino Industrial Air, Inc.

Martino Industrial Air, Inc. is a small disadvantaged business dedicated to provide air conditioning equipment, maintenance and repairs throughout Puerto Rico. The company was established in 2006 by Luis Martino, President and sole stockholder. Since its origins the business has served the financial, local government and pharmaceutical industry on the Island with excellent results which has led to successful business relationships and a high reputation. Thanks to FeCC’s close collaboration with the ARMY National Guard (PRANG) Contracting team, in July 2015 Sgt. Mariano Torres referred Luis Martino to us for specialized counseling and federal contracting assistance.


During their first face-to-face meeting with Barbara Rivera, Procurement Counselor, she explained and discussed federal procurement trends, socioeconomic categories & SBA certifications, assisted them with online registrations such as System for Award Management (SAM) and the Dynamic Small Business Search; taught them how to search for competitive solicitations, and supported the development of a company Capability Statement. Right from the beginning, Luis Martino expressed his interest in pursuing larger contracts with the PRANG and other federal agencies, since their federal experience has been limited due to lack of certifications and participation on competitive procurements. Since then, FeCC’s Counselor worked hands-on with the client to complete and submit their SBA 8(a) application.


In February 2016 Martino Industrial Air, Inc. was certified as a Participant of the 8(a) Business Development Program. FeCC’s Counselor continued supporting the client in developing a marketing strategy with targeted federal agencies; and during their first program year they received two 8(a) sole source contracts with the PRANG and GSA Public Building Service totaling $61,450. Also, the client quoted two additional contracts for the total amount of $223,000 that are still pending of award. As of today, they have received $145,822.00 in federal contracts.


A & M Extermination Success Story

A & M Exterminating Services, Inc. provides integrated pest management. janitorial and handyman services. In June of 2009 Mr. Alfredo Volckers and his wife Ms. Marcela Polera started the firm with the simple concept of providing a remarkable service at competitive prices. Since its inception, they have worked to preserve and grow a loyal customer base through both, prosperous and difficult economic times.

On October 2014, the firm came to the Puerto Rico Federal Contracting Center (FeCC) a Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), interested in pursuing federal contract opportunities. The firm’s discipline and commitment to succeed was evidenced by their perseverance through difficult times. After the initial counseling sessions, trainings and completion of the basic registrations, FeCC staff helped them applied for the 8a Business Development Program, HUBZone Certification and the Veteran Owned Small Business verification. The firm was verified as a VOSB in July 2015, received the 8(a) certification in September 2016 and the HUBZone certification in October 2016.

A & M has been following the roadmap develop by FeCC. They have been formally trained in how to do business with the Federal Government and have been in continuous contact with FeCC counselors for technical assistance. As a result, they have won $97,464.00 in federal contracts since September 2016 and have created two additional jobs.


Overall Contractors Group

Overall Contractors Group, Inc is a dynamic, rapidly growing company established in 2007. The company has a constant commitment to customer’s satisfaction and the business experience and infrastructure necessary to carry out that commitment. Maintaining relationships with customers after construction, designing and implementing maintenance programs that will extend the life of a roof and cut down on expensive repairs later is part of the key to success.

Rafael Tirado, president, has been devoted to the principles of quality roof sealing and painting for more than 14 years. He brings an extensive experience in the coatings industry before opening his own company. He has passed that sense of devotion to the employees of the family-owned business. Every member of the Overall Contractors Group, Inc. team understands his or her role in maintaining excellent reputation for quality work that is guaranteed. Overall employees bring knowledge, quality, and professionalism to each job. Some of customers includes: Partners Business Services, Centro de Bellas Artes de Caguas, Amgen Manufacturing, McNeil Pharmaceuticals, Coca Cola Puerto Rico Bottles, Carmela Century Packing...and many more.

Mr. Rafael Tirado, president, and Mrs. Carmen Cruz, administrator, visited the Federal Contracting Center (FeCC) seeking for federal opportunities. The counselor guided them to obtain the basic requirements as being registered in System for Award Management (SAM). They were also interested in verifying the company’s eligibility for socioeconomic programs. After the assessment, FeCC counselor identified that they were eligible for 8a Business Development program and HUBZone program. We worked together in the process, and nowadays Overall Contractor is certified in both Small Business Administration (SBA) programs.

Proactive marketing strategies distinguish the Overall management, their continuous participation in seminars and matchmaking events have resulted in positioning the company with federal key players. In 2016, four federal contracts were awarded for the total amount of $288,900, servicing the Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Air National Guard (PRANG) and the Forest Service. 


“The support, availability and commitment to achieve our goals have had a tremendous impact for our company growth. As of today, we are a federal contract awardee; FeCC’s continuous support is key for the management of those contracts as invoicing, labor laws, and other related topics at no cost. Honestly, I believe that FeCC is the program with major and direct impact to the economic development for small businesses.” Carmen Cruz

Poetas Catering Corp.

Mr. Juan Nieves, President of Poetas Catering Corp., came to the office to update his SAM registration. As part of the counseling session, FeCC counselor Rey Torres encourage him to participate in a RFP for Pre-Packaged Meals. Mr. Nieves decided to participate with the assistance of FeCC. The client quoted the bid without success.

As part of FeCC’s counseling services, the consultant kept motivating him to continue participating and not to be disappointed for previous results. On March 14, 2017 Poetas Catering was awarded its first bid and to this date he has earned $94,928 in contracts. 

Mr. Nieves now is interested in applying for the HUBZone certification in order to increase future opportunities.


Confianza Exterminating Corp.

Confianza Exterminating Corp. has been serving the pest control needs of Puerto Rico since 1997. Their expert knowledge has placed them at the forefront of the industry without losing their family run business philosophy. The staff is all licensed Pest Control Technicians who have worked in the field enabling them to provide the clientele with accurate, concise information into dealing with the pest problems. Confianza exterminating Corp provides Commercial, Residential, Institutional, and Industrial pest control services for all varieties of pest issues. They believe that their success was built on inspection, identifying the problem, educating the customer and implementing appropriate and customized treatment plans that differed from those of the previous pest control company. Mr. Francisco San Miguel, president & owner is also the President of the Puerto Rico Pest Control Association. This position brings him the opportunity of keeping the industry informed of changes and innovations.

The customer segmentation for the company was led by the Health Industry; they serve the main Hospital in the Island. When the industry began to change they lost some contracts in the aforementioned industry as well as local government contracts. Given that situation Mr. San Miguel had a vision of looking for the federal marketplace to balance the company customer’s portfolio. They met with a FeCC counselor to make the company ready to do business with the federal market. He took several seminars to understand the process. The counselor guided him offering technical assistance to get registered in the System for Award Management, helped him understand how to conduct a market research in order to establish the federal market opportunity capture plan. As part of that plan, he received assistance in preparing a capability statement, as well as, preparing, completing and submitting the firm’s application for the 8a Business Development Program. As a result the company was awarded two federal contracts, one in the island awarded by the Puerto Rico Air National Guard for the amount of $18.830.00 and the other in the Virgin Islands, giving the company entrance into the federal market, and the opportunity to offer their services in other territories.

“I would like to recognize the professional support that the FeCC provided us during 2014. We thank the team for helping us achieve the 8a certification and the required registrations. We also hope to work closely this year with the FeCC”– Francisco San Miguel, president Confianza Exterminating Corp.

Luis Polanco Contractor Inc.

Doing business with the government isn't easy. In fact, it's challenging on multiple levels, especially for small businesses. Luis Polanco, president and owner of Luis Polanco Contractor Inc., learned that when his attempts to become certified under several programs did not succeed. He wanted his bids for government contracts to receive more responses. Fortunately for Luis, he found the Federal Contracting Center (FeCC), a Procurement Technical Assistance Center and was able to take advantage of their Government Contracting Services.

Luis Polanco Contractor Inc. is a general contractor provider founded in 2009 that has recently begun to support the U.S. Department of Agriculture (Forest Service) as a prime contractor. It specializes in general construction, engineering services and facility maintenance. As part of the FeCC's service offering, Government Contracting Specialists assist established Puerto Rican businesses with government contracting and procurement support services at no cost, including assistance with marketing, proposal preparation, and contract administration. Luis Polanco Contractor took advantage of these benefits, becoming an 8(a) participant and currently is in the process for receiving the SDVOSB verification. He also has an active participation in FeCC events; seminars and matchmakings.

After the SBA referred Mr. Polanco to the FeCC, he began working with Ms. Nildalisse Rodríguez, a Government Contracting Specialist. Together, they did an in depth analysis of the firm's current contract bidding process and filings and started working to improve them, everything from the list of "to do's" when approaching a prime contractor, to building a strong capability statement, and on to ensure that the many filing requirements and important items like the SBA profile, were up to date. All of Mr. Polanco’s work and Ms. Rodriguez's assistance has resulted in significant growth. When the firm came to the FeCC in 2013, it had no sales to the government. That all changed. In the second quarter of 2016, Luis Polanco Contractor Inc. had won three (3) contracts with the US Department of Agriculture; won its first contract of $15,595.00, followed by a second for $19,999.000 and the third for $12,950.00. And Luis says that's only the beginning.

"The assistance I got was so good I would have paid for this service. I got straight answers when I needed them, guidance when I needed it, and expertise I just didn't have. Luis Polanco, President

Projex Corporation

Projex Corporation was founded by president and owner, Miredly Ramos-Díaz and operates as a Women Owned Small Business. She is a hard working professional, a wife and a mother. Ramos-Díaz takes pride in her team craft and works hard to nurture lasting relationships with all business partners. Since 2007 she and her team have been distinguished as a dependable, high quality contractor in the private sector through a diversified combination of industry expertise and knowledge. The staff’s ability to effectively exceed their clients’ expectations and needs has differentiated them from competitors and they hope to do the same for the federal agencies in PR and US Virgins Islands. Also, since 2014 they have expanded their repair and general maintenance services to the Retail Sector, quickly becoming PR's Top Vendor for Genesis Maintenance, a NJ Based that provides services to chains as Gap Stores, Burlington Coat Factory, Old Navy, Nike, Banana Republic and others.

Projex Corporation visited FeCC for the very first time on February 12, 2009; Miredly Ramos received an orientation on how to sell to the federal government and received the assistance of Rey Torres with the basic registrations. Later on, she applied for the 8a Business Development Program, during which process she returned to our office to receive assistance finishing the application. In addition, she was interested in learning how to conduct a market research to identify opportunities, competitors and potential alliances. She has also been taking advantage of FeCC trainings.


As part of a FeCC initiative to bridging the gap among our customers and the federal agencies, a tailored matchmaking event for WOSB and EDWOSB was carried out on March 1, 2016. The Women's month had been launched with this event, with the participation of 3 federal agencies and 20 EDWOSB and/or WOSB firms. Miredly Ramos had the opportunity to meet with Mayor Carlos Rivera, from Department of the Army during the event. As a result of a remarkable presentation of Projex Corporation and with only 3 months of being part of the 8a Business Development Program (01-26-2016), an 8(a) Sole Source Contract was awarded to the firm, for the amount of $200,000.

EliteBco LLC.

EliteBco LLC won a multi-year contract for $13,167,412 with the US Agency for International Development to provide administrative and financial support services. This contract was an 8(a) set-aside opportunity where seven additional US based firms competed. The principal place of performance is Washington DC supported from the San Juan office which will conduct 100% of the work.

EliteBco is a professional consulting services firm that provides information technology solutions to small and medium size businesses. EliteBco was formed in October 2009 with the simple concept of having consultants who master technology solutions and business rules to perform remarkable jobs. Since its inception, they have worked to preserve and grow a loyal customer base through both, prosperous and difficult economic times.


On March 27, 2013 the firm came to the Puerto Rico Federal Contracting Center interested in pursuing contract opportunities. The firm’s discipline and commitment to succeed in this market was relentlessly
evidenced by their aggressive market research efforts and relationship building with contracting personnel. On June 21, 2013 they achieved their first milestone by becoming 8(a) certified. Understanding the importance of building a track record in the federal market, the firm started pursuing small jobs with local federal agencies. From 2013 to 2015 they competed and won $460,186 in contracts with the Department of Defense in Puerto Rico. According to the principal of the firm, CPA Luis Baez Black, these contracts were the launching pad that schooled him in how to do business with the Federal Government and the discipline required to be successful in this market. The firm also won two additional contracts with the US Coast Guard.

As he was gaining experience with the federal contracts in Puerto Rico, he started meeting with Small Business Specialists, procurement personnel and Program Managers from targeted federal agencies in Washington, DC. These efforts led to the $13,167,412 with the US Agency for International Development. CPA Baez is now in the process of obtaining his HUBZone certification. The Puerto Rico Federal Contracting Center accompanied CPA Baez in all these efforts and is proud to have EliteBco as a client.

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