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You have probably heard a thousand times, relationship, relationship and relationship as the key to develop a client. This is especially true in the federal market because of its size, complexities and hundreds of different buying centers. As you also know, developing the right relationship takes time and effort, and no matter the size of your business, you cannot target every federal agency at the same time. 

To determine which agencies to target, you must first conduct your market research. This is the foundation to successfully market your company, product(s), and/or service(s), and to determine what demand exists, if any. This research will provide information about how much money the government spends in your industry, which agencies are buying, and currently open or recently awarded contracts. 

There are two main types of research, primary and secondary. Primary research gathers firsthand information directly from agency personnel. If you are new to this market and have not develop the right contacts yet, you may start with the secondary research. 

Secondary research is all the data and public records you have at your disposal to draw information from. This includes historical purchases, which will tell you who bought what you are selling, active bids and forecasted requirements.

Among the most used sites for secondary research are:

Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS)

If you want to increase your chances of getting a Government contract you must identify who is buying what, how much is the Government paying for, and who are they buying it from. Most of this information is available in FPDS. Just by using a simple a Google like search, you will have immediate access to this information. FPDS will also help you scope out the competition and establish market trends.  

Federal Contract Opportunities

As you decide if this is the right market, you should explore what they are buying today. Go to SAM.Gov to see the latest Request for Quotations, Invitations for Bids and Request for Proposals. You will also find contract awards, sources sought and much more. beta SAM is free and open to everyone.

The DLA Internet Bid Board (DIBBS)

The DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS) is a web-based application that provides the capability to search for, view, and submit secure quotes on Requests for Quotations (RFQs) for Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) items of supply.   DIBBS also allows users to search and view Request for Proposals (RFPs), Invitations for Bid (IFBs), Awards and other procurement information related to DLA.

UNISON (FedBid) Online Marketplace for Procurement

UNISON provides an online procurement service that includes reverse E-auction and associated support services through the Buyer-Driven Online Marketplace located at It helps federal, state, and local government agencies connect with prime and small business federal contractors. 


Agency Recurring Procurement Forecasts

Information on planned federal contracting opportunities. It is important to learn about potential contracting opportunities as far in advance as possible. This way you will be able to plan and start your proposal strategy early in the process. 

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